So, what did Amelia do about it?


Amelia realized that the only way to get people to stop idling was to educate the drivers. 

She designed and printed up pledge sheets to distribute to parents. In addition to the pledge sheets, Amelia composed an info/flyer to distribute to drivers. Her principal, Dr. Dawes, approved the pledge sheet designs, banner designs, and gave helpful insights along the way. 


Amelia and her stepdad then ordered large banners to hang up in two key idling points around the school. After one banner was unfortunately cut down, two metal signs were ordered for a more long-lasting solution. Currently, two banners and three metal signs are posted at the school. 

Next, Amelia, with help from her friend Natalie, teamed up with the Teen Voice club at their school. Together, they made posters and helped distribute flyers. Lastly, amelia made a petition for students and teachers to sign, and she got 60 signatures on it. 

This website is intended to help inform everyone about the dangerous effects of car idling, and to provide resources so that anyone can start their own No Idling Project! 


what do parents think about the no idling project?

"I now turn off my engine every time I am waiting in the pickup line for my daughter! Thank you!"


-Lori D. 

"This is awesome information- all this time I didn't do it because of gas money but had no idea of the additional info! Great job spreading the word!"


-Christin N. 

"This is a fantastic initiative and long overdue; there is a huge climate change component too."


-Shawn K.  


When you idle your car, you are harming the people around you. Please turn off your engine whenever you plan to be waiting longer than 10 seconds in your vehicle.