Here you can find resources to inform you and help you start a No Idling Project of your own!

  • info/pledge sheets perfect to send home with students (feel free to personalize it however you need) 

  • a petition for students, teachers, and parents to sign (can fit up to 60 signatures)

  • Idle Free schools Toolkit from the EPA It includes information needed to run an effective idling reduction campaign at a school in order to reduce student exposure to toxic vehicle exhaust.

  • Fort Collins, Colorado's website. Info on particulate matter. 

  • Sustainable then scroll down & click the "turn it off" button Idle Free program - tons of facts and figures, helpful infographics and free printable flyers.

  • Engines Off! Colorado's Idle Free website. Clarifies many myths about idling and has helpful tools for drivers. 

  • Environmental Defense Fund > Idling Gets You Nowhere -  loads of facts and figures on idling, how much money you waste by idling.